Pixel 5 Could Have Been Much Better

After switching to other Android phones, I realized that I already miss the pure Android experience. I decided to go back to Pixel once Google release Pixel 5. After the announcement of Pixel 5, I was disappointed by two things. The first thing is the processor Snapdragon 765G and I expected a better processor to be used. The other thing is the lack of storage. 128 GB is no longer enough for me right now. The amount of videos and pictures I receive via Whatsapp is much more than ever. It gets filled really fast, so I expect 256 GB at least. The ideal is 512 GB because I don’t have to worry about storage at all. I wish they offered 512 GB even at higher price tag, but that wasn’t the case. Now I am stuck and not sure what to buy for a next smartphone.

Did Xbox Series S Already Won This Generation Vs Playstation 5 (PS5)

Now we all know the official prices of PS5 and Xbox. Xbox Series X is priced at $499.99 and Xbox Series S is priced at $299.99. Playstation 5 is priced at $499.99 matching Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 Digital edition is priced at $399.99. A lot of my friends said that Microsoft won the console war already and the reason is Xbox Series S price and Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Series S is surprisingly inexpensive and a lot of people can afford it. Some people will see that it is $100 cheaper than Playstation 5 Digital edition, so it is easier for them to make a decision. Xbox Game Pass is becoming really impressive, something that Sony Playstation Now wasn’t successful with. I am a subscriber of Playstation Now and I can’t play games via streaming. I have to download the game in order to play, and most games I can’t even download. The library isn’t that great as well, it is very limited. Playstation should consolidate Playstation Plus and Playstation Now and make them one platform. If Xbox Game Pass get more subscribers, they will be the Netflix of gaming, which is the thing that no one was able to achieve so far.

Giving Up on My Lenovo T570 Blue Screen Death (BSOD) Issues

I spent days trying to figure out the issue for Lenovo T570 Blue Screen of Death. I started to get Blue Screen of Death on my Lenovo laptop after updating Windows 10 and then updating Lenovo drivers using Lenovo Vantage. I waited a week or two, but the issue was never fixed. This is what to try to solve the issue

First: I updated everything using Windows Update on Windows 10

Second: I updated All drivers using Lenovo Vantage

Third: I updated Nvidia graphic card using GeForce Experience

Fourth: I updated Intel HD graphics & Bluetooth driver using Intel Driver & Support Assistant

Fifth: This step started by uninstalling Thunderbolt and downloading the critical update from Lenovo’s website. It is called Critical Intel Thunderbolt Software and Firmware Updates – ThinkPad. I was surprised that Lenovo Vantage didn’t download this software to fix the issue for me, so this is more of a manual step. You can find the list here from Lenovo website and scroll down until you find your model. First I installed Use Driver Package or Higher, but there was a version so I removed it first then I installed the one I downloaded. Second I installed Use Firmware or Higher. 

After all these steps still the issue is on going, which I assumed it was fixed because it didn’t show for few days. I am taking it to Lenovo and if they can fix it, I will stick to Apple Macbook Pro forever.

Update: Lenovo will fix the issue for me by replacing part of the connection to the hard drive. According to them it is a hardware & software issue. It will take them 2 weeks to get the part and fix the laptop.

PS4 Pro Fan Noise Fix When Cleaning Out Doesn’t Solve The Problem

When I bought Red Dead Redemption 2, I really couldn’t go beyond Chapter 1 because of my PS4 Pro fan noise. The fan noise was so high that I can’t focus at all even with the volume being high. When I searched online, most of the solutions were about cleaning the PS4 Pro by using a compressed air can and removing the dust. I went and tried that solution and it never worked. The issue was more complexed than that, so when I asked around. I was told that the first model of PS4 Pro has this common problem of fan noise. The reason is because the thermal paste dries up fast with the first model. The fix is simply removing and cleaning the dried thermal paste, and apply new one. The noise dropped by 60% and since then I started playing on my PS4 Pro. There are tons of guides that shows you how to replace the thermal paste on PS4 Pro. Check them out and try this solution if cleaning out doesn’t fix the issue.

iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop & Error 14

This is one of the worst days ever when my aunt woke up and her iPhone is stuck in recovery mode as the picture above. It seems her iPhone updated while she is sleeping and since then the iPhone got stuck. She restarted her iPhone 7 Plus using the power button and volume down and nothing happened. She got really worried because she never made any backup and she has years of photos that she really want. She called me and asked me if I can fix it, so I told her let me try it out. Her main concern was the data on the phone, so she wants it to be repaired without losing any of the data. When I got the iPhone, I spent 6 hours doing the following

  • I connected it to my Macbook Pro and tried to update the iPhone via iTunes then I got error 14. My iTunes is the most updated version
  • I tried different USB Cable & Ports on Macbook Pro
  • I tried to update using iTunes on Windows PC
  • I tried different USB cables and ports on Windows PC
  • I redownloaded IPSW file and tried to update and both Macbook Pro and Windows PC
  • I tried IPSW Beta Update
  • I tried Repair and Exit Recovery Mode feature on different 3rd party programs, and couple of them were paid version ( Dr.Fone, 3uTools,Fixppo..etc)

I tried everything I found on the internet, but nothing worked. I told her that she has to bite the bullet and restore the phone via iTunes where she lose all the data and phone will be like new. The restore feature on iTunes was the only thing that worked and it was so sad losing all the pictures and data.

Apple should fix this issue ASAP, because lots of people are frustrated with Recovery Mode Loop and Error 14. There is no way around it except few cases.


I Want More Legend of Zelda Link & Epona Statues From First4Figures

I have been buying statues from First4Figures since 2014 and my very first one was Link on Epona. A lot of people ask me if I am willing to sell it, but I don’t sell my collection. I bought most of the Legend of Zelda collection from First4Figures, and I think it is time to release another version of Link on Epona. I don’t want an identical one of the old one, but a new one from either Ocarina of Time or Breath of The Wild.

I still think that First 4 Figures, Prime 1 Studio, and Tsume Art are the best statue makers in the industry. In my opinion, the strongest line for each of the statue makers is the following.

First 4 Figures: Legend of Zelda

Prime 1 Studio: Guyver

Tsume Art: Naruto & One Piece

5 Best Video Games of All Time That Completely Changed My Life

I have been playing video games since the early 90’s and I played lots of video games. From all the games I played, 5 I considered the best video games of all time and that completely changed my life. I remember I was so in love with each of these games, and it was a total different experience back then. Since I played The Last of Us, I didn’t get that same feeling again. Even The Last of Us, that feeling was much less than the other four games in the list. I can’t wait for the next game that will give me the same exact feeling where it is a complete game changer.

1- Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (N64): This is my favorite game of all time and Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time was the perfect game of all time. The story, gameplay, music, and bosses were so perfect. I enjoyed going back and forth as a kid and adult in the game. Also the mini games were so amazing using the sling shot and shooting arrows to have more capacity. I completed Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time more than 7 times.


2- Phantasy Star Online (Sega Dreamcast): PSO was the first online game I played back in 2001. I used to play with my brother and friends and I made lots of friends online. The best part of the game when I get a rare weapon and go check it out.

3- Pokemon Red & Blue (Nintendo Game Boy): Pokemon Blue was of the best games ever, especially when I figured out that I can catch Pokemons using a Pokeball. I enjoyed the experience so much that we used to trade Pokemons with friends. The best part was catching the legendary birds and Mew Two.

4- Metal Gear Solid (PS1): Kojima delivered a total new experience with Metal Gear Solid and I still think that it was the best Metal Gear ever. I really wish they do a remake for PS4 or PS5. I will buy it again for sure. Back then it was something totally new when you sneak and hide from enemies.

5- The Last of Us (PS3): I played The Last of Us when it was first released, and mainly the story telling and way of fighting was so impressive. I pre ordered The Last of Us 2 a long time ago, and have been waiting to play it since they announced the game.

These are the 5 main video games that changed my life, so share yours with me in the comment section.



Waiting for Phantasy Star Online 2 to Be Released on PS4 But For Now Will Play on PC

Phantasy Star Online (PSO) was of very few games that completely changed my life back when it was released. The first time I played PSO was on Sega Dreamcast back in 2001. It completely changed my life and it was my favorite game for few years since I played it. I remember I used to play with my brother and friends. We used to connect online via dial up and the internet used to disconnect a lot. I still miss those days a lot, and now it is time to play Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2) on PC. Sadly I no longer have an Xbox One, because I sold it. Now I only have Nintendo Switch and PS4. Since there is no release date for the PS4 version, I will be playing on PC. I will move my Mac Mini from my office to the living room and I will connect it via Xbox One Controller for PC. My Mac Mini has a Windows 10 via Bootcamp, so I will play the PC version until the release of PS4 version. Hopefully Sega don’t take a long time to release the PS4 version or even a PS5 version.

I Wish That Prime 1 Studio Release This Scene As a Figurine For Guyver 1 Vs The Fake Guyver

I have been collecting Prime 1 figurines for the past 3 years. My favorite collection is definitely the Guyver and I bought all the Guyvers so far. I am really waiting for Prime 1 to release Guyver 2. Once I get Guyver 2, I will complete my Guyver collection. There is a Guyver scene that would be really nice if Prime 1 release it as a figurine. You can see it above, and it was a fight between Guyver 1 and the fake Guyver in episode 8. This scene was so memorable, and I always watch this specific episode every now and then to remember this scene. The way I see Prime 1 Studio is that it isn’t just a collectable item, I see it as an investment as well. Each figurine has very limited pieces, and it will just be more valuable with time. Especially the Guyver line, which has been very popular for a very long time. I can’t wait to see what Prime 1 has to offer next.

Upgrading or Cloning PC or Laptop M.2 NVMe SSD Hard Drive From Small To Large

Almost everyone run into storage space issue at one point. I try to avoid moving data and files to an external hard drive, because it is much slower than internal hard drives. Upgrading from a small hard drive to a larger one can be trickier in Windows than Mac. I tried many methods and many softwares. I have always wanted a software that identically clones my hard drive to a larger one, so my computer will have everything to be the same, but with larger storage. I don’t want a single thing to change and I don’t want to reinstall any software. I found one that works perfectly every time, and it was using a software called AOMEI Partition Assistant. it is extremely easy to use and all you need is to download and install AOMEI Partition Assistant on your computer. Then do the following

1- Connect your M.2 NVMe SSD using the enclosure

2- Open AOMEI Partition Assistant

3- Make sure that the M.2 NVMe SSD doesn’t have any data or partitions. If there are partitions and data delete them

4- Choose Migrate OS to SSD and Choose Target Disk if the source is less than 2 partitions. If more than 2 partitions then Clone Disk and use Sector by Sector which will clone it identically.

5- Make sure you check mark optimize SSD if it is available

6- Click Finish then Apply to start the migrating process.

7- Swap the hard drives and turn the Laptop or PC On.

8- If Windows isn’t loading correctly, then do Windows Startup Repair

9- Once everything works correctly then open Aomei and click on the Unallocated space if there is any merge it with the hard drive main storage. Then click Apply and your should have larger storage by now. If again Windows doesn’t load correctly then do another Windows Startup repair and that should be it.

Note: If the target disk is less space than the source data (Example moving from 1TB of data to 256GB Hard Drive) then just the operating system will transfer. If the target disk is equal or larger than the source Data, the whole data will be moved and it will be an identical of your old hard drive, but much faster.

Everything will remain the same in your laptop or PC, but now it has a larger hard drive.