How To Setup a Digital Menu Signage at a Restaurant For Free

One of the key struggles for businesses to show their menu on TV as a digital signage. There are solutions such as Screen Cloud and Novisign, but they are extremely expensive. Paying $20 – $24 per screen / month, and each restaurant have a minimum of 2 screens. It doesn’t make any sense to charge that much for such a solution and it can be costly, because some restaurants have 4 or 5 screens. After searching online for few days, we finally found an alternative to Screen Cloud and Novisign and it is completely free. The Bulletin is a magical free digital signage software that turned TV screens into digital menus. Right now we tested it on one TV screen and it is really amazing. The only issue is that it takes sometime to set it up, but afterwards it is really perfect.

All you need is the following:-

1- TV

2- Amazon Fire TV Stick

3- The Bulletin free account


Try it out and thank and let me know what you think in the comments below.


American Express Platinum Can Longer Compete with Chase Sapphire Reserve

I have been using American Express Platinum for more than a decade. I am a very loyal customer to American Express due to their superior customer service. Back then I was paying $450 a year and it was completely worth it, because of the points I get from purchases. In 2016 things have completely changed when Chase announced their Chase Sapphire Reserve. I applied and started to use the card, and since then I completely switched from American Express Platinum. You might wonder why am I switching, and the reason is the following.

1- The points are worth much more with Chase Sapphire Reserve over AMEX Platinum at retailers such as Amazon or Best Buy ($1 vs $0.6)

2- The fees are less ($450 vs $550)

3- Immediate $300 travel credit vs $200

4- Chase Sapphire Reserve which is a Visa card is accepted at more businesses in the US and internationally than AMEX

5- Both AMEX Platinum and Chase Sapphire Reserve have access to airport lounges through Priority Pass

Chase Sapphire Reserve is on a total different league than AMEX Platinum, if AMEX adjust their points value. Then it might be something I consider, but as of now not a single credit card beat Chase Sapphire Reserve

Simsim Mediterranean Grill Finally Opened in Carmel Mountain San Diego

Finally Simsim Mediterranean Grill opened their 2nd branch in Carmel Mountain San Diego. The new branch has a special menu items that aren’t available in their first branch. The new menu include Kebab, Tikka, Kibbeh, Chicken Shish Tawook, and Vegetable Kebab. Chef Ibrahim has been surprising us with his creativity since the day he launched Simsim in Clairemont. His concept is to deliver the authentic taste from the Middle East to the United States and so far it is working very well.

Simsim Mediterranean Grill Carmel Mountain Address: 11640 Carmel Mountain Rd Ste 124 San Diego, CA 92128


Solution To Mac Bootcamp Being Stuck at Downloading Windows Support Software

I found the solution to mac bootcamp being stuck at downloading windows support software at Ryukers Blog. The solution is very simple, much simpler than what I expected. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments.

How To Have All Incoming Call & Text Messages From Google Fi to Hangout For iPhone & Android

This was a challenge for me where my father in law has one international number and Google Fi number. His iPhone has 1 sim card slot, and he doesn’t want to use Google Fi sim card. He told me, I want all my Google Fi messages and calls to be forwarded to my international number, which isn’t a US number. I barely found out how to do it and let me show you how.

Having all text messages from Google Fi to Hangout on iPhone & Android

1- Install Google Hangout on your iPhone / Android

2- Using a web browser on PC / Laptop. Go to and do the following

  • Click on the menu 3 dots …
  • Click on Settings
  • Scroll down all the way and check mark “Receive SMS and voicemail in hangouts”

Having all incoming calls from Google Fi to Hangout on iPhone & Android

1- Go to Hangout app on your iPhone / Android and do the following

  • Click Menu Menu
  • Click Settings then Click on your Phone Number.
  • Check Mark “Incoming phone calls.”


Done, and this way you will receive all your messages and calls on your hangout app on both iPhone and Android. You won’t need to use Google Fi sim card this way

Simsim – The Best Hummus in San Diego

Finding the best hummus in San Diego hasn’t been hard since I already know the best Mediterranean restaurant. Simsim Mediterranean Grill offers the best hummus in San Diego. The reason it is the best hummus is because it doesn’t have that aftertaste. The reason it doesn’t have the weird aftertaste is because they sprout garbanzo beans at the store and they never use canned garbanzo. Most restaurants in the US use canned garbanzo, because it is so much easier to make. The Hummus at Simsim is so creamy and yummy, and you can eat it with anything. I dip fries into it, I put it on falafel, and I put it on fattoush salad as well.

I heard there will be special types of hummus at Simsim, but they will be released overtime. There are restaurants that serves the red hummus which is mixed with beetroot to give it that red color. I personally never liked the red hummus, because beetroot isn’t my thing. Also there is the green hummus which is mixed with avocado. I still haven’t tasted the avocado hummus, but will give it a shot when I see it in any restaurant.

At the beginning, I thought I am one of a few that says Simsim offers the best hummus in San Diego, but when I saw the Yelp Elite reviews. I realized that a lot of Elite Yelpers are saying the same exact thing at the Yelp Elite event at Simsim. They are all saying that it is creamy and delicious.

Give Simsim’s hummus a try and let me know what you think in the comment.

Simsim – The Best Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Restaurant in San Diego, California

If you have ever wondered what is the best Mediterranean or Middle Eastern Food in San Diego, California. Then I have the answer, which I posted a while ago. It has been around 2 months since my favorite restaurant Simsim Mediterranean Grill in San Diego California. The restaurant has been a game changer since the day they opened, because they focused on delivering hotel quality food at street prices. I believe Simsim has a future, especially with the food taste they are offering. I can’t believe they invented something I have never seen before, which is Turkey Shawarma. Turkey Shawarma is something very unique and I haven’t seen it before in any restaurant. Below, you can see some photos of Simsim Mediterranean Grill food.

Now you can see the amazing interior of Simsim Mediterranean Grillbelow.

Once you see all the pictures, you will know that Simsim Mediterranean Grill is a must try, because they already reached their goal of serving the best shawarma in San Diego, California. Try their food out and let me know what you think in the comments section.

PS4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition

This is one of the rarest Playstation editions to ever be made. Few years ago, I thought that the 20th anniversary will be the rarest Playstation ever, but that wasn’t the case. The 20th anniversary was limited to 12,300 units worldwide, but the new 500 million edition is limited to 50,000 units. I waited for many hours to get it, and I saw the pre-order button on Amazon. I clicked it after refreshing the page constantly, and boom it was sold out. I don’t know what people do to buy such rare items in split of a second. This PS4 is a master piece, so check the video of the unboxing.

Simsim Shawarma – The Best Shawarma in San Diego

Middle Eastern food has always been tricky in the US, because the taste and quality that I search for doesn’t exist. During my trip to Lebanon, I realized that food in the Middle East tastes completely different than the US. The food is really tasty, and you can feel all the spices and fresh ingredients. The Middle Eastern immigrants never brought the real taste from the Middle East to the US. There were a lot of OK Middle Eastern restaurants and for a very long time they were the best available. Today there is a restaurant that is a total game changer in the industry. It is called Simsim Mediterranean Grill and surprisingly their first branch is in San Diego, California. When you first see the branch, the first thing that comes to mind that this restaurant chain has lots of branches, because of how professional the business is being ran. When it comes to design which is really impressive, and it looked very luxury and upper scale. When you first see the design, the first assumption that comes to mind that this restaurant is very expensive, but it isn’t the case. Their prices ranges between $9-$12, which is inexpensive compared to the design and aesthetics of the place. Simsim Mediterranean Grill has an executive chef behind the concept and he is delivering the authentic taste to the US. All their meats are Halal, which is the type of meat that is clean. I kind of see it as Kosher, but another term for the same practice. Now let me tell you about the items I had today.

The first item is the simsim shawarma, which has chicken, pomegranate, diced potato, parsley & garlic Sauce. The shawarma tasted perfectly when I got extra sauce on the side and started to dip. They suggest getting extra sauce on the side for those who like more sauce. The combination of chicken and pomegranate is very unique, and it is really unbelievable. When I ate the simsim shawarma, which is the signature shawarma for Simsim Oustanding Shawarma. I said hands down to the best shawarma in San Diego (Simsim – Chicken & Pomegranate)

The second sandwich we got was the Casual Falafel. It was very tasty sandwich, and again it taste much better when you get Tahini on the side.

The third dish we got was a recommendation and it is called Indulge Feta Shawarma. This dish is very unique and really tasty. I only got the beef & lamb, no chicken.

The last thing which is very interesting is the Hummus. At simsim they call Hummus their Guac, and it makes total sense. Their Hummus is very tasty and goes well with everything, and it doesn’t have that after taste. It appeared that they sprout it in house, and it isn’t canned chickpeas.

simsim is setting a new standard in the food industry, and for now it is the tastiest Shawarma in San Diego.

Update: They opened their second branch in Carmel Mountain San Diego

Update 2: Simsim was selected in QSR 40/40 for 2020 America’s Hottest Startup Fast Casuals

Bobboi Natural Gelato – A Taste That You Never Forget

I was in La Jolla few days ago to visit one of my very favorite stores called Peter Lik to see the new photographs of nature. Once I finished from going to Peter Lik, I decided to grab my very favorite ice cream in La Jolla, which is Bobboi Natural Gelato. I have been going there for many years, but this time I tried a very new flavor that I have never tasted in the past. It is called the Meditteraneo which I believe have pistachio, hazelnut, and almond. I ordered it with a scoop of pistachio, and both were really impressive. The unique thing about Bobboi is that it is very natural ice cream, and I can’t remember any other ice cream place that has the same offering. I highly recommend that you try Bobboi ice cream whenever you get a chance.