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The Top 5 Most Creative Branding Agencies Transforming Brands


1- Farelo Studio

Farelo Studio is based in Portugal, and it is one of the most creative studios in the world. Pedro’s approach includes in-depth questions to understand the founder’s history, vision, mission, goals, and the product unique selling points. The questions requires thoughtful answers will have an impact on the final outcome. Pedro has a very unique process where he summurize the brand into three questions which are the What, How, and Why. What is the first question which is what is the company’s about ? The How is how are you going to do it ? and lastly the Why, is why you are doing it. One of the very good examples I have seen is the PDF presentation file for a company called Wedian. Seeing how he created a brand from three visions from three different generations is really impressive. Another brand is Ufff where you can see the PDF Presentation, about a company that is the next generation of ThinkGeek by GameStop.

2- BrandMe

Established in 1993, BrandMe has been creating brands both locally in the UK and on a globally. They built a lot of iconic brands, and they rebranded brands to make them look and feel much more unique. What BrandMe did to Orangina really impressed me, because the moment I saw it, I really wanted to go and buy it. It look so unique and attractive, which shows how much creativity and experience the team behind BrandMe have.

3- Mucho

This is one of my real favorites. Mucho is one of the branding agencies that put an extreme effort and their presentations are so detailed and extensive. They get into details beyond imagination. BrewBird is one of the brand they created, and it is an abnormal direction for a coffee brand. It is artistic and it really gets the attention of customers.

4- LPK

LPK is an international agency specializing in brand design and innovation. With their expertise in these areas, they create brands that are timeless and always relevant. A very good example is their creation of Gillette, a timeless brand that never gets old. The packaging is always unique and fun. The colors of Gillette always makes it stand out in the supermarket shelves. Of course this is one of very few examples.

5- Future Brand

Elegant, stylish, and beautiful. Future Brand is a global brand that have an experience and design experts who uses unique methods to deliver positive brand-led business transformation. Future Brand brings together a diverse team of creatives and makers who combine creativity and strategic thinking to reshape brand experiences.