C’est Si Bon Bakery – The Best Baguette Sandwich in Orange County

I always struggle to find good breakfast places in Orange County. I feel the options are very limited, and none of these options have a special taste. Back in 2013 I found C’est Si Bon Bakery, and since then it was my favorite breakfast place in Orange County. The main reason is because their baguette is freshly baked, and they don’t last long in the oven. Turnover is extremely high, and the place is always busy. As soon as you get the baguette, make sure to press it to hear the sound of the crispy crust. I learned that from the movie ratatouille of how to find the perfect baguette.

What I usually get is the Veggie baguette, and make sure that it has lots of avocados. The other one I get every now and then is the tuna, which tastes amazing as well. None of the times I went to C’est Si Bon Bakery and the experience wasn’t up to standard, they have sustained the quality and experience for a very long time. Make sure you visit C’est Si Bon Bakery to taste the best breakfast in Orange County.


Vitaly Gelato – My Favorite Ice Cream in Orange County

I enjoy going to different ice cream shops whenever I get a chance. For a very long time my number one place in Orange County has been Vitaly Gelato in Costa Mesa. The only flavor I eat at Vitaly Gelato is the Pistachio, and I consider it one of the best in the world. I talked to the owner of Vitaly Gelato few years ago and asked him about the Pistachio gelato. He said that we buy the highest quality pistachios from Italy, and the pistachio ice cream is our best seller.

Whenever you pass by Orange County, try out the Pistachio Gelato at Vitaly.


Amazon Prime Day – An Addiction That I Can’t Stop

OK so this year I didn’t want to spend a single dollar on Amazon Prime Day. Why ? because I don’t want to buy things I don’t need at all. When Prime Day started I was holding myself, and I was resisting for few hours. My friends started talking about all the deals and they were sharing what they were buying on WhatsApp. I decided to visit Amazon.com just to see the offers and not buy anything. The moment I landed on Amazon page and saw the deals, I said why not buy one thing only. I saw a 256gb flash drive from SanDisk for $40. I looked at my flash drive which is 128gb, I said yeah that needs an upgrade. After buying the flash drive, I ended up buying tablets, kindle, flash drives, smart switches, echo dot, and charging cables. This is what I bought

Earth Class Mail – Turn Your Physical Mail Into an Email

I have been using Earth Class Mail for more than a year and it all started when I needed to turn my mails into emails. I knew such service exist, but I never knew it is that effective. All I did was forwarding my mails through USPS to my address in Earth Class Mail. I chose Los Angeles as the location to forward my mails to, and they have a lot of other locations. Now all I have to do is login at Earth Class Mail and decide which mails to recycle, and which mails to ship to my home. Sometimes I need the important mails such as credit cards and driver license. Once you recycle a mail, you can keep a PDF copy for reference, which makes the service extremely convenient. I pay around $100 a month for the service, and I believe that it is totally worth it.

Mercedes Benz is No Longer The Same Company

Mercedes Benz was my favorite company for a very long time, but few years ago, I felt that the company has changed so much in a bad way. In the past I can name every single car from their lineup. Now I can’t even name 60% of their lineup, because every year they add new ones. In the past I loved the CLS, and the moment it came out back in 2004, I bought one. Few years ago, I saw the CLS, but it was much smaller. It appeared that it was one of the new cars called CLA. I started to be confused when I see their cars rather than appreciate their designs. I feel Mercedes isn’t focusing on their cars as they used to, and now most of them look very similar to each other. I feel creating tons of SUV’s such as GLA, GLC, GLK and god knows what is so confusing. In the past it was so focused on G and ML. Even the interior is not as great in most of their cars, and S Class will always be an exception. My favorite dealer in Southern California is Fletcher Jones, I really love their branch in Newport Beach, CA. Their customer service is superior, but it will be bad for them if Mercedes continue to dilute their brand by pumping lots of cars into the lineup.

It is better to have low quantity with high quality rather than high quantity and lower quality. The reason Steve Jobs was very successful is because of focus, he cut down Apple product lines to be so little so he can perfect each one of them.

Fannie May Pixies | My Favorite Chocolate in The US

It has always been a struggle for me to find delicious chocolate in the US, and I am not talking about chocolate bars like Snickers or Twix. I am talking about the type of chocolates that comes in boxes. My favorite ones in the US are Godiva, See’s Candies, and Fannie May. Living in Southern California made my life easy, because I have Godiva and See’s Candies in all of the good shopping malls. In South Coast Plaza, I buy chocolate strawberries from Godiva, then get Vanilla Pecans from See’s Candies. Now my favorite chocolate in the US is Pixies from Fannie May. The quality of pecans is always impressive, and the caramel is extremely fresh. The sustained their quality for a very long time, and not even once I ate their chocolate and got disappointed. I used to compare them with Turtles by Nestle, but the quality isn’t consistent, because sometimes it last on the shelves for a long time. Fannie May, ship their chocolates when you submit an order online and this what creates all the difference.

Try Fannie May Pixies and let me know what you think.