One Plus is The Toyota of Smartphones

I have always thought of Toyota as the best brand for cars in terms of price, resale value, quality, and reliability. It is a car that you buy and no longer worry about any issue. When it comes to smartphones, I have tried all kind of phones. I have tried Apple, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, HTC, Google, and One Plus. The one I was most comfortable with was Google Pixel until I tried One Plus. After trying One Plus, it reminded me of Toyota when it comes to the value I am getting

I saw a lot of common things between the brands such as Motorola, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, and HTC.  Google Pixel and One Plus are on a different level. I loved Google Pixel because of the pure Android, but I didn’t like the limited storage and price. Now I am using One Plus and I can’t believe such an amazing smartphone exist at this price point. I am loyal to One Plus, because of the following

Price & Specs: The price of One Plus smartphones is really perfect for the high end specs such as high storage (256 GB) and high RAM (8-12 GB)

Quality: The quality of One Plus phones is amazing both in hardware and software.

OS: One Plus OS is by far the greatest, and it really complete with pure Android.

Innovation & Design: One Plus were pioneers in having a full screen with pop up camera. I love their innovation

One Plus combined all the good stuff and packaged it into one smartphone at an amazing price. Try One Plus out and you will never buy another smartphone.

American Express Platinum Can Longer Compete with Chase Sapphire Reserve

I have been using American Express Platinum for more than a decade. I am a very loyal customer to American Express due to their superior customer service. Back then I was paying $450 a year and it was completely worth it, because of the points I get from purchases. In 2016 things have completely changed when Chase announced their Chase Sapphire Reserve. I applied and started to use the card, and since then I completely switched from American Express Platinum. You might wonder why am I switching, and the reason is the following.

1- The points are worth much more with Chase Sapphire Reserve over AMEX Platinum at retailers such as Amazon or Best Buy ($1 vs $0.6)

2- The fees are less ($450 vs $550)

3- Immediate $300 travel credit vs $200

4- Chase Sapphire Reserve which is a Visa card is accepted at more businesses in the US and internationally than AMEX

5- Both AMEX Platinum and Chase Sapphire Reserve have access to airport lounges through Priority Pass

Chase Sapphire Reserve is on a total different league than AMEX Platinum, if AMEX adjust their points value. Then it might be something I consider, but as of now not a single credit card beat Chase Sapphire Reserve

Waiting for Prime 1 Studio Guyver 2 Statue

Back when I was a kid, my favorite animation was Dragon Ball Z and Guyver. I always loved the Guyver character, but all the toys and statues were very low quality. Things have completely changed when Prime 1 Studio announced the Guyver lineup. It is super high quality and worth every dollar. I bought Guyver 0, Guyver I, and Guyver III.  Guyver II (Guyver 2) is the only one missing from my collection, and I can’t wait for Prime 1 to announce it. The Gigantic line of Guyvers didn’t interest me, because I never saw them in the animation.

Simsim Mediterranean Grill Finally Opened in Carmel Mountain San Diego

Finally Simsim Mediterranean Grill opened their 2nd branch in Carmel Mountain San Diego. The new branch has a special menu items that aren’t available in their first branch. The new menu include Kebab, Tikka, Kibbeh, Chicken Shish Tawook, and Vegetable Kebab. Chef Ibrahim has been surprising us with his creativity since the day he launched Simsim in Clairemont. His concept is to deliver the authentic taste from the Middle East to the United States and so far it is working very well.

Simsim Mediterranean Grill Carmel Mountain Address: 11640 Carmel Mountain Rd Ste 124 San Diego, CA 92128


Don’t Buy Pixel 4 XL On Launch Day Wait For a Good Deal

Last year I was in such a rush to buy the Pixel 3 XL. I bought two of them right after they were released, and guess what. It was the most stupid thing I have done, because few weeks later there were massive discounts. I couldn’t believe that they were discounted few weeks later. This time I won’t fall in the same trap, I will wait until Thanksgiving and see the prices. Also if you get a very good offer from Google Fi, just make sure you read the fine print, because once I misunderstood a deal.

Overall Pixel phones are really amazing, and I really want to switch to Pixel 4 XL.

Solution To Mac Bootcamp Being Stuck at Downloading Windows Support Software

I have a 2014 Mac Mini, which i recently upgraded the HDD hard drive to both OWC Aura Pro X2 from Macsales and a Sandisk SSD from Amazon. I tried to install Windows 10 using Bootcamp, but I was getting stuck at Downloading Windows Support Software. I left it for a day, but nothing happened. I tried the process 4 more times using different flash drives, but it still didn’t work. I tried a factory reset, and tried the process again, but still I was getting stuck at the same place. My solution was to download Windows Support Software on USB using my Macbook Pro, which is a different device than the one I was trying to install Windows on. It was installed on the flash drive perfectly, then I inserted the flash drive into my Mac Mini and as soon as I turned on. I clicked the option button on the keyboard, and selected Windows from the flash drive. The installation started and I installed Windows on Sandisk SSD and I left the Mac OSX on OWC Aura Pro X2. Now as soon as I start my Mac Mini, I have the option to use Windows or Mac and each on a different hard drive.

How To Upgrade Unsupported Mac Macbook iMac To Windows 10

I was trying to install Windows 10 on my Macbook Air Mid 2011 model, which doesn’t support Windows 10 installation. I was successful to upgrade to Mac OS Sierra, and then I used Boot Camp. The options I was given is to install either Windows 7 or Windows 8. Luckily I own Windows 8, so I installed Windows 8 and then I went to Microsoft website and installed Media Creation Tool, which upgraded Windows 8 to Windows 10. One problem though, which is Blue Screen of Death right after I install Boot Camp Drivers. I tried the process 4 times, but it all resulted in Blue Screen of Death.

I found out later on that I was upgrading to 1903 Windows 10, which is the latest version. This version is conflicting with Boot Camp Drivers resulting in Blue Screen of Death right after Boot Camp Drivers installation.


Installing an older version of Windows 10. I installed 1809 Windows 10, and it worked perfectly without any issue.

Will The New 16 inch Macbook Pro Have a USB-A Ports ?

When Apple replaced all the ports from their Macbook Pro lines to USB C, I couldn’t believe it. The reason the line is called Pro, is because it is for professional users and professional users use USB-A and SD Cards all the time. I was going to buy the new Macbook Pro back then, but then I changed my mind and decided to wait to see if the markets really adapt and switch everything to USB-C. It has been 3 years and it isn’t the case until now, and Apple themselves ship new iPhones with USB-A cables, which doesn’t make any sense. Usually Apple doesn’t go back once they take a decision, but I really hope they add USB-A to the new 16 inch Macbook Pro, because this is what the professionals such as myself are asking for. I don’t want to switch back to Windows, I just want at least 2 USB-A and SD Card Ports.

All Pro users have been alienated forcing some of them to either use expensive dongles or switch to Windows. During Steve Jobs time, the company was all about gaining students and Pro users, but it is no longer the case these days.

How To Have All Incoming Call & Text Messages From Google Fi to Hangout For iPhone & Android

This was a challenge for me where my father in law has one international number and Google Fi number. His iPhone has 1 sim card slot, and he doesn’t want to use Google Fi sim card. He told me, I want all my Google Fi messages and calls to be forwarded to my international number, which isn’t a US number. I barely found out how to do it and let me show you how.

Having all text messages from Google Fi to Hangout on iPhone & Android

1- Install Google Hangout on your iPhone / Android

2- Using a web browser on PC / Laptop. Go to and do the following

  • Click on the menu 3 dots …
  • Click on Settings
  • Scroll down all the way and check mark “Receive SMS and voicemail in hangouts”

Having all incoming calls from Google Fi to Hangout on iPhone & Android

1- Go to Hangout app on your iPhone / Android and do the following

  • Click Menu Menu
  • Click Settings then Click on your Phone Number.
  • Check Mark “Incoming phone calls.”


Done, and this way you will receive all your messages and calls on your hangout app on both iPhone and Android. You won’t need to use Google Fi sim card this way

Lenovo Thinkpad P52

I have been a Mac user for a very longtime, but due to crazy prices. I decided to take a risk and switch to Lenovo, which had a really amazing specs. I decided to buy the P52 at around $3,000. Instead of getting 16 GB, I got 64GB of Ram. Instead of of i7, I got Xeon, so the specs is on a total different level. I was so happy with my purchase at the beginning, but things have completely changed after a software update.

The software update was bricking the touchpad of P52 users, and Lenovo knew it was bricking people’s laptops for a very long time. The issue was published December-20th-2018 and my laptop was bricked around a month ago. They kept the damaged update live for almost 2 months, and they never removed it until someone told them to do so.

The name of the issue is PS/2 Mouse Not Detected, and it affected a very large number of Lenovo users. Until now there is no full fix, where they released a fix that fixes the touch pad but not the track point. Lenovo create amazing hardware, but their software and support are terrible, so it isn’t worth the purchase. Most people in the forum regret buying a Lenovo and I am one of them


Update: Lenovo did release an update to fix the issue and the laptop is working perfectly now. I love the laptop and the thing I love the most is how easy you can upgrade the hardware and the keyboard