Simsim – The Best Hummus in San Diego

Finding the best hummus in San Diego hasn’t been hard since I already know the best Mediterranean restaurant. Simsim Mediterranean Grill offers the best hummus in San Diego. The reason it is the best hummus is because it doesn’t have that aftertaste. The reason it doesn’t have the weird aftertaste is because they sprout garbanzo beans at the store and they never use canned garbanzo. Most restaurants in the US use canned garbanzo, because it is so much easier to make. The Hummus at Simsim is so creamy and yummy, and you can eat it with anything. I dip fries into it, I put it on falafel, and I put it on fattoush salad as well.

I heard there will be special types of hummus at Simsim, but they will be released overtime. There are restaurants that serves the red hummus which is mixed with beetroot to give it that red color. I personally never liked the red hummus, because beetroot isn’t my thing. Also there is the green hummus which is mixed with avocado. I still haven’t tasted the avocado hummus, but will give it a shot when I see it in any restaurant.

At the beginning, I thought I am one of a few that says Simsim offers the best hummus in San Diego, but when I saw the Yelp Elite reviews. I realized that a lot of Elite Yelpers are saying the same exact thing at the Yelp Elite event at Simsim. They are all saying that it is creamy and delicious.

Give Simsim’s hummus a try and let me know what you think in the comment.

I No Longer Have To Tie My Shoes With Lock Laces

I have always had an issue tying my shoe laces, and I never thought of a solution. I watched a video on TED that says we are tying shoes the wrong way. I tried the new method from TED, but again it didn’t work for me. I literally have to tie my shoes every 1 hour or so. One day I was searching on for a solution and I found Lock Laces that have tons of great reviews. I tried it out and it completely changed my life. Walking around without thinking of tying my shoe laces is really incredible. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Best Pixel 3 XL Screen Protectors

One of the main issues with buying a Google Pixel is the lack of good screen protectors in the market. For iphone, there are a lot of great options. I searched the internet for a good screen protector and I found articles across the web. It seems these articles were recommending screen protectors that they haven’t used. I bought some of them, and they were really junky. When I search Amazon, I only find the terrible ones. I will review each screen protector I bought for my Google Pixel 3 XL.

1- Rhinoshield Glass Screen Protector: This one is by far the best one. It is very responsive, clear, and tough. The only issue is that it sometimes block the proximity sensor. My wife and I have the same phone. For here it worked perfectly, but for me it blocked the proximity sensor. When I call someone, the screen will turn black until he hangs up. I had to remove it even though I like the quality of the product.


2- Rhinoshield Impact Screen Protector: I have been buying Rhinoshield screen protectors for a very long time. I believe their quality used to be much higher in the past. I always leave my keys and phone in the same pocket, and the older Rhinoshield would handle all scratches easily. This time the screen protector was damaged just by having the phone in my pocket. I replaced the screen protector with a new one, because I don’t like to see an imperfect screen. I dropped the phone on the street, and the screen protector and my phone screen both broke. I still can’t believe it, because I am used to Rhinoshield handle much more than that. Overall the screen was very responsive and clear, but the durability is the only issue.

3- Zagg Invisible Shield:  I bought this one, because they sell it on Google Store. It is very clear and responsive, but sadly it broke easily. I dropped my phone on the ground and it broke the screen protector only. I replaced with a new one, but it broke in multiple locations just by having my keys in my pocket.

4- Qoosea: Total piece of junk, it isn’t responsive at all. I have to push very hard to be able to click on an icon. I can’t find a good screen protector on which is very sad.

I would recommend Rhinoshield the most, but I will update my review since I have been using it for few days only so far. Waiting to use it more to give my final review.

Best Power Banks of 2019

I have been collecting Power Banks for a very long time. In the past, most power banks were charged via Micro USB cable, which was perfect, because most Android phones were using the same cable. Things have changed when Android smartphones switched to USB C, and most power banks still supports Micro USB. Some power banks supports USB C, but there aren’t many in the market so far. Now I will rank my favorite brands for Power Banks.

1- OmniCharge: It is by far the best brand in the entire world in terms of size, build quality, durability, function, and design. The way they assemble their power banks is amazing. When I first saw the Omnicharge 20, I didn’t believe such thing exist. I decided to buy it even though it was too good to be true. When I saw the device, it was so compact and solid, and it impressed me big time. When I connected the DC cable to Megasafe 2 and it worked, I was like WOW, I have been searching for such thing for a very long time and I never though such thing will ever exist. The only missing thing for me that I wanted to charge the Omnicharge 20 via USB C instead of a power adapter. Luckily the new Omnicharge Ultimate will support USB C charging, which makes my dream power bank. I also tried their competition which is Mophie Powerstation AC , but it is nowhere close to Omnicharge due to the size and bulkiness. Omnicharge newest products will launch after their indiegogo campaign, which is the new mobile series and again they keep impressing me. Amazing designs and new functions such as wireless charging. Omnicharge are constantly setting a new standard in the industry.

2- Aukey: Most of my power banks are from Aukey, because at early stages they were having 2 options per power bank. I bought both the option to charge with Micro USB and USB C and it was very convenient for me. I also bought the one to charge with Micro USB and Lighting. Their designs were OK for the older models, but the new ones are great.

3- Anker: I believe it is the most popular brand for power banks and it is Amazon best seller power bank. I like their build quality, designs, and durability. I also like the case that comes with the power bank. The only issue I saw with Anker is that it took them a long time to switch to USB C for charging. For a long time, they have been sticking to Micro USB, but the new ones have USB C ports to charge the power bank. Overall it is a really amazing company.

I love all the above brands, and I highly recommend all of them


Anker & AmazonBasics | The Best Charging Cables Ever

Whether you are looking for USB C, Lightning, or Micro USB charging cables. Anker and AmazonBasics create the most durable ones. It all happened by coincidence in the past where I used to buy every cable for my iphone for $20 from Apple Store. I remember one day I spent more than $80 just to have cables all over the place. The problem with Apple’s charging cables is that they always peel, even my macbook charger has been peeling until now. My cousin told to buy Anker Powerline + cable I wanted a charging cable that is extremely durable. I ordered one, and I can’t believe that their material is extremely durable. It never peeled even when I left it in my car during the summer in OC. None of the Anker cables I bought stopped working, and same thing goes to AmazonBasics. I love amazon products, and when I tried them, I realized that they are as durable. Once you try AmazonBasics or Anker, you will never go back to buy the original cables from any company.

Simsim – The Best Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Restaurant in San Diego, California

If you have ever wondered what is the best Mediterranean or Middle Eastern Food in San Diego, California. Then I have the answer, which I posted a while ago. It has been around 2 months since my favorite restaurant Simsim Mediterranean Grill in San Diego California. The restaurant has been a game changer since the day they opened, because they focused on delivering hotel quality food at street prices. I believe Simsim has a future, especially with the food taste they are offering. I can’t believe they invented something I have never seen before, which is Turkey Shawarma. Turkey Shawarma is something very unique and I haven’t seen it before in any restaurant. Below, you can see some photos of Simsim Mediterranean Grill food.

Now you can see the amazing interior of Simsim Mediterranean Grillbelow.

Once you see all the pictures, you will know that Simsim Mediterranean Grill is a must try, because they already reached their goal of serving the best shawarma in San Diego, California. Try their food out and let me know what you think in the comments section.

PS4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition

This is one of the rarest Playstation editions to ever be made. Few years ago, I thought that the 20th anniversary will be the rarest Playstation ever, but that wasn’t the case. The 20th anniversary was limited to 12,300 units worldwide, but the new 500 million edition is limited to 50,000 units. I waited for many hours to get it, and I saw the pre-order button on Amazon. I clicked it after refreshing the page constantly, and boom it was sold out. I don’t know what people do to buy such rare items in split of a second. This PS4 is a master piece, so check the video of the unboxing.

Simsim Shawarma – The Best Shawarma in San Diego

Middle Eastern food has always been tricky in the US, because the taste and quality that I search for doesn’t exist. During my trip to Lebanon, I realized that food in the Middle East tastes completely different than the US. The food is really tasty, and you can feel all the spices and fresh ingredients. The Middle Eastern immigrants never brought the real taste from the Middle East to the US. There were a lot of OK Middle Eastern restaurants and for a very long time they were the best available. Today there is a restaurant that is a total game changer in the industry. It is called Simsim Mediterranean Grill and surprisingly their first branch is in San Diego, California. When you first see the branch, the first thing that comes to mind that this restaurant chain has lots of branches, because of how professional the business is being ran. When it comes to design which is really impressive, and it looked very luxury and upper scale. When you first see the design, the first assumption that comes to mind that this restaurant is very expensive, but it isn’t the case. Their prices ranges between $9-$12, which is inexpensive compared to the design and aesthetics of the place. Simsim Mediterranean Grill has an executive chef behind the concept and he is delivering the authentic taste to the US. All their meats are Halal, which is the type of meat that is clean. I kind of see it as Kosher, but another term for the same practice. Now let me tell you about the items I had today.

The first item is the simsim shawarma, which has chicken, pomegranate, diced potato, parsley & garlic Sauce. The shawarma tasted perfectly when I got extra sauce on the side and started to dip. They suggest getting extra sauce on the side for those who like more sauce. The combination of chicken and pomegranate is very unique, and it is really unbelievable. When I ate the simsim shawarma, which is the signature shawarma for Simsim Oustanding Shawarma. I said hands down to the best shawarma in San Diego (Simsim – Chicken & Pomegranate)

The second sandwich we got was the Casual Falafel. It was very tasty sandwich, and again it taste much better when you get Tahini on the side.

The third dish we got was a recommendation and it is called Indulge Feta Shawarma. This dish is very unique and really tasty. I only got the beef & lamb, no chicken.

The last thing which is very interesting is the Hummus. At simsim they call Hummus their Guac, and it makes total sense. Their Hummus is very tasty and goes well with everything, and it doesn’t have that after taste. It appeared that they sprout it in house, and it isn’t canned chickpeas.

simsim is setting a new standard in the food industry, and for now it is the tastiest Shawarma in San Diego.

Update: They opened their second branch in Carmel Mountain San Diego

Update 2: Simsim was selected in QSR 40/40 for 2020 America’s Hottest Startup Fast Casuals

Bobboi Natural Gelato – A Taste That You Never Forget

I was in La Jolla few days ago to visit one of my very favorite stores called Peter Lik to see the new photographs of nature. Once I finished from going to Peter Lik, I decided to grab my very favorite ice cream in La Jolla, which is Bobboi Natural Gelato. I have been going there for many years, but this time I tried a very new flavor that I have never tasted in the past. It is called the Meditteraneo which I believe have pistachio, hazelnut, and almond. I ordered it with a scoop of pistachio, and both were really impressive. The unique thing about Bobboi is that it is very natural ice cream, and I can’t remember any other ice cream place that has the same offering. I highly recommend that you try Bobboi ice cream whenever you get a chance.

C’est Si Bon Bakery – The Best Baguette Sandwich in Orange County

I always struggle to find good breakfast places in Orange County. I feel the options are very limited, and none of these options have a special taste. Back in 2013 I found C’est Si Bon Bakery, and since then it was my favorite breakfast place in Orange County. The main reason is because their baguette is freshly baked, and they don’t last long in the oven. Turnover is extremely high, and the place is always busy. As soon as you get the baguette, make sure to press it to hear the sound of the crispy crust. I learned that from the movie ratatouille of how to find the perfect baguette.

What I usually get is the Veggie baguette, and make sure that it has lots of avocados. The other one I get every now and then is the tuna, which tastes amazing as well. None of the times I went to C’est Si Bon Bakery and the experience wasn’t up to standard, they have sustained the quality and experience for a very long time. Make sure you visit C’est Si Bon Bakery to taste the best breakfast in Orange County.