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How To Setup a Digital Menu Signage at a Restaurant For Free

One of the key struggles for businesses to show their menu on TV as a digital signage. There are solutions such as Screen Cloud and Novisign, but they are extremely expensive. Paying $20 – $24 per screen / month, and each restaurant have a minimum of 2 screens. It doesn’t make any sense to charge that much for such a solution and it can be costly, because some restaurants have 4 or 5 screens. After searching online for few days, we finally found an alternative to Screen Cloud and Novisign and it is completely free. The Bulletin is a magical free digital signage software that turned TV screens into digital menus. Right now we tested it on one TV screen and it is really amazing. The only issue is that it takes sometime to set it up, but afterwards it is really perfect.

All you need is the following:-

1- TV

2- Amazon Fire TV Stick

3- The Bulletin free account


Try it out and thank and let me know what you think in the comments below.