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American Express Platinum Can Longer Compete with Chase Sapphire Reserve

I have been using American Express Platinum for more than a decade. I am a very loyal customer to American Express due to their superior customer service. Back then I was paying $450 a year and it was completely worth it, because of the points I get from purchases. In 2016 things have completely changed when Chase announced their Chase Sapphire Reserve. I applied and started to use the card, and since then I completely switched from American Express Platinum. You might wonder why am I switching, and the reason is the following.

1- The points are worth much more with Chase Sapphire Reserve over AMEX Platinum at retailers such as Amazon or Best Buy ($1 vs $0.6)

2- The fees are less ($450 vs $550)

3- Immediate $300 travel credit vs $200

4- Chase Sapphire Reserve which is a Visa card is accepted at more businesses in the US and internationally than AMEX

5- Both AMEX Platinum and Chase Sapphire Reserve have access to airport lounges through Priority Pass

Chase Sapphire Reserve is on a total different league than AMEX Platinum, if AMEX adjust their points value. Then it might be something I consider, but as of now not a single credit card beat Chase Sapphire Reserve