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Mercedes Benz is No Longer The Same Company

Mercedes Benz was my favorite company for a very long time, but few years ago, I felt that the company has changed so much in a bad way. In the past I can name every single car from their lineup. Now I can’t even name 60% of their lineup, because every year they add new ones. In the past I loved the CLS, and the moment it came out back in 2004, I bought one. Few years ago, I saw the CLS, but it was much smaller. It appeared that it was one of the new cars called CLA. I started to be confused when I see their cars rather than appreciate their designs. I feel Mercedes isn’t focusing on their cars as they used to, and now most of them look very similar to each other. I feel creating tons of SUV’s such as GLA, GLC, GLK and god knows what is so confusing. In the past it was so focused on G and ML. Even the interior is not as great in most of their cars, and S Class will always be an exception. My favorite dealer in Southern California is¬†Fletcher Jones, I really love their branch in Newport Beach, CA. Their customer service is superior, but it will be bad for them if Mercedes continue to dilute their brand by pumping lots of cars into the lineup.

It is better to have low quantity with high quality rather than high quantity and lower quality. The reason Steve Jobs was very successful is because of focus, he cut down Apple product lines to be so little so he can perfect each one of them.